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Direct Lift Rotisserie - R3000

R3000 - The Rotisserie is the perfect solution for any hobbyist or professional working on restoring car and truck bodies and frames. The Rotisserie features 360 degrees of movement and is fully adjustable.


  •  Commercial grade
  • 360 degree positioning
  • Adjustable height, width, and length
  • Two hydraulic cylinders
  • Powder coat finish
  • Designed and tested to rigid industry standards
  • 6 polyurethane wheels
  • Bracket accessories included
  • Available in black only


  • Overall width (adjustable mounting brackets) 13 1/4- 53 1/4
  • Maximum width of vehicles 85" (7'1")
  • Working height 18"- 48"
  • Working length max 228" (19')
  • Shipping weight 640 lbs

Call for Price: 877-805-1154

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