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Direct Lift PRO 6MR Mid Rise Lift

The Pro 6MR is a portable mid rise hydraulic lift with a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. The Pro 6MR is an excellent choice for any body shop. It is also popular with customers that do not have the ceiling clearance for a two post car or truck lift, or prefer something portable. The Pro 6MR comes with a free set of truck adapters.


  • Portable, easy to move
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders
  • Safety locks at any working height,seven locking positions
  • Includes truck adapters
  • Available in black only


  • Height lowered (swing arms) 5"
  • Maximum raised height 52" (4'4")
  • Width 41" (3'5")
  • Length 83" (6'11")
  • Power Unit voltage 110V
  • Shipping weight 1,000 lbs

Call for Price: 877-805-1154

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