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DP8-9180 - Seal Kit

Seal kit for Direct Lift Pro-Park-8, Pro-Park 8+, and Pro-Park 8+long.


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YG01-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct Lift Seal Kit for HR8000, OH8000, Pro-9F (Manufactured before 6/2/2008), Pro-9D (Manufacutured before 2008 with chain over cylinder application), and GL-9 Manufactured Prior to 6/2008.



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YG02-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct-Lift Seal Kit for DP7, and Pro-Park 8 Standard (PP8S)


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YG03-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct Lift Cylinder Seal Kit for Pro-6MR mid rise lift


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YG04-9180UK - Seal Kit

Direct Lift Seal Kit for Discontinued Chain over hydraulic Style Pro-V10 & Pro-V10EH. Also for Chain Style TP0-10K.

Notice: YG04-9180UK is a "universal kit" designed to fit most discontinued chain over hydraulic style PRO-V10, PRO-V10EH and for chain style TP10-10K. Kit Contains two seperate kits (YG31-9180 & YG04-9180). Only one kit may be needed to rebuilt cylinder and you may have left over unused seals.


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YG07-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct Lift seal kit for PRO-9F manufactured after 06/2008.


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YG09-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct Lift Seal Kit for Pro-Cycle and Pro-Cycle DT


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YG11-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct Lift Seal Kit fo Pro-9D, Pro-10, and Pro-V10EH with Direct Drive Cylinders. Also for DL9 with full model number DL9V000BBL.


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YG32-9180 - Seal Kit

Direct-Lift cylinder seal kit for lift model PRO-10 manufactured after 2/2011.


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YG36-9180 - Seal Kit

YG36-9180 - Seal Kit for Direct Lift Pro-Park 9 Plus (9PAP) 


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