Hunter GSP9700 Tire and Wheel Balancer

Brand: Hunter
Product Code: HUN_GSP9700
Call for Price: 877-805-1154
Going far beyond the traditional functions of a wheel balancer…

The GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tire forces and provides instructions for solving ride and handling problems such as tire pull and wheel vibration that balancers and wheel aligners cannot fix.

Hunter’s GSP9700 is endorsed and recommended by vehicle manufacturers and proven by thousands of repair facilities worldwide as the industry standard in...

  • Wheel Balancing
  • Tire Road Force and
    Rim Eccentricity Measurement
  • Tire Pull Lateral Force Measurement
  • Solves Wheel Vibration Problems Balancers Can’t Fix
    Detects non-balance, radial-force-related problems associated with:
    • Tire uniformity.
    • Tire and rim runout.
    • Wheel-to-balancer mounting error.
    • Improper bead seating of tire to rim.
  • Faster Troubleshooting & Repair
    Quickly calculates the contributions of the rim and tire to radial vibration problems and presents the technician with easy step-by-step repair instructions.
  • Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems
    The optional StraightTrak® LFM** feature measures lateral tire force, then applies that information to the set of tires, providing multiple placement choices to eliminate or minimize tire pull problems – an otherwise unfixable vehicle complaint during alignment service.
  • Dramatically Improves Ride Quality & Customer Satisfaction
    Duplicates wheel vibration measurement and tire/wheel matching methods previously used only by vehicle manufacturers to provide that “new car ride.”
  • Increases Wheel Service Income
    Establishes your shop as the wheel vibration and handling control experts. Reduces comebacks and enables you to service vehicles that other shops turn away.

    Exclusively reduces operating costs with SmartWeight® balancing technology.

  • Options include: StraightTrak LFM, Wheel Lift System, Top Dead Center Laser, and Ink Jet Printer w/side storage.
  • * Requires optional StraightTrak® LFM feature.
    ** Patented

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