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YG04-9180UK - Seal Kit $103.00

Direct Lift Seal Kit for Discontinued Chain over hydraulic Style Pro-V10 & Pro-V10EH. Also for Chain Style TP0-10K.


Notice: YG04-9180UK is a "universal kit" designed to fit most discontinued chain over hydraulic style PRO-V10, PRO-V10EH and for chain style TP10-10K. Kit Contains two seperate kits (YG31-9180 & YG04-9180). Only one kit may be needed to rebuilt cylinder and you may have left over unused seals.

Each Seal Kit Rebuilds ONE Cylinder


Measurements are approximate and may not reflect exact size.

Kit #1 

Blue Cup Seal (1)- 65mm (ISD) x 80mm (OSD) x 11mm (H)

Black Wiper (1)- 43mm (ISD) x 56.64mm (OSD) x 9.63mm (H)  

O-ring (2)- 30mm x 2.65mm

O-ring (2)-30mm x 3mm

O-ring (1)- 50mm x 3.1mm

Bearing - 9 3/4" (L) x 6mm (W) 2.5mm (H) 

Kit #2

Blue Cup Seal (1)- 54mm (ISD) x 76.5mm (OSD) x 12mm (H)

Black Wiper (1)- 43mm (ISD) x 56.50 (OSD) x 9.36mm (H)

O-ring (2)- 30mm x 2.65mm

O-ring (2)- 30mm x 3mm

O-ring (1)- 20mm x 2.35mm

Bearing - 8.75" (L) x 6mm (W) x 2.5mm (H) 

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