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YG01-9180 - Seal Kit $111.00

Direct Lift Seal Kit for HR8000, OH8000, Pro-9F (Manufactured before 6/2/2008), Pro-9D (Manufacutured before 2008 with chain over cylinder application), and GL-9 Manufactured Prior to 6/2008.


Each Seal Kit Rebuilds ONE Cylinder.

Measurements are approximent and may not reflect exact size.

1. Blue Cup Seal (1)- 48mm (ISD) x 63mm (OSD) x 10mm (H)

2. Black Wiper (1)- 40mm (ISD) x 52 (ISD) x 9mm (H) 

3. O-ring (2)- 25mm (OSD) x 2.65mm (H)

4. O-ring (1)- 24mm (OSD) x 2.4 (H)

5. White felt Dust Wiper (1)-  6 3/4"

6. Green bearing (1)- 2.5mm (H) x 6mm (W) x 7 1/2" (L) 

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