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Hunter RP6-3784 Tire Mounting Paste $35.00
Hunter RP6-3784 Tire Mounting Paste

Hunter Engineering Special High Performance Tire-Mounting Paste

Contains 7.7lb (3.5 kg)

Easily mount all types of tires and rims with the Hunter professional tire-mounting paste. Every low-profile tire with hard side walls can be mounted and demounted without causing damage to tires or rims

Biodegradable ingredients are enviroment friendly and chemically neutral to rubber, steel and alloy. Hunter mounting paste is resistant to centrifugal forces, has high viscosity and is economical to use. 

Hunter mounting paste reduces the risks of mounting damage  and allows easier mounting, thus reducing wear on mounting tools. Because the paste dries quickly, thre is less chance of the tire sticking or slipping.

Important Note: A small amount of paste goes a long way.

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